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Activity name Activity number Open First Meeting or Date Description Location Fee and Action; n/a. Use an Aging Booth Photo App to create this cute th day of school activity! Age your students to years old and have them complete a feature article about their long life! Activity includes an ink-friendly version and is designed to fit on one page. These are super adorable and make a great bu.

Aha! gotcha. Well, don’t be deceived by the name, the kissing booth can initiate a lot of laughs and well, lots of funds. Just kidding. Here’s what you do, make chits containing parts of the face or even the visible parts of the body like the leg, cheeks, nose, forehead, hands, palm, ear, neck etc. It’s intimidating and uncomfortable. Whether your booth has temporary trade show staff or simply staff from your head office, take space into consideration. For a 10×10 booth space, you wouldn’t want to book more than staff. For larger booths, such as 10×20, 4 staff would be sufficient and for 20×20+, staff would be optimal.

May 27,  · Photo booths can be a participatory activity, an ice-breaker, and a way to capture attendees’ attention. A well-branded, well-placed photo booth can be the perfect marketing trifecta for a successful booth.