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The Survivorship Center offers virtual classes and programs designed to focus on the physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs of patients, family members and caregivers. These programs are for adults in or out of cancer treatment, and their caregivers ages 18 and older. About the Adult Survivorship Program Dana-Farber's Adult Survivorship Program, part of the Perini Family Survivors' Center, is here to help you find expertise, education, and support to help manage issues related to surviving cancer.

Cancer survivors may experience medical and emotional changes after treatment ends. MSK’s Adult Survivorship Program offers comprehensive services to people who have completed treatment. The program focuses not only on cancer screening but also on health promotion and wellness. We hope that you will lead a healthy, active life after cancer. The American Cancer Society developed the head and neck cancer survivorship care guideline to help primary care clinicians and other health care professionals provide comprehensive clinical follow-up care for adult post-treatment head and neck cancer survivors.

Survivorship: adult cancer survivors During the next decade, a rapid increase in the number of new cancer diagnoses in the population as well as a growing number of cancer survivors can be expected. Cancer is anticipated to exceed cardiovascular disease as the primary cause of mortality in the United States population. Survivorship is a broad term that applies to people who have been diagnosed with cancer and are at any stage after diagnosis. Cancer survivorship also includes others, such as friends and family members, affected by that diagnosis. Wellness for Living at Winship.

Cancer Center: Adult Cancer Survivorship Program Life After a Cancer Diagnosis Whether they have been recently diagnosed with cancer, are currently in treatment or have completed their treatments, we consider all our patients survivors. Adult Survivorship Clinics The Adult Survivorship Clinics offer comprehensive and disease-specific services to patients who see a medical oncologist, surgeon or radiation oncologist at Northwestern and have completed their initial treatments. We currently provide disease-specific survivorship care for.