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Cognitive impairment in older adults has a variety of possible causes, including medication side effects, metabolic and/or endocrine derangements, delirium due to intercurrent illness, depression and dementia, with Alzheimer’s dementia being most common. Some causes, like medication side effects and depression, can be reversed with treatment. Adult Cognition Our adult cognition range of products offers a large selection of assessments for health professionals covering areas such as memory, executive functioning and .

Dec 01,  · Older adults in cognitive studies are more likely than young or middle aged adults to include people with undetected Alzheimer’s dementia, cerebral vascular dementia, and other brain diseases that are more prevalent in people over Adult: Cognition The majority of us live in cities, or work on computers all day, both of which require direct and focused attention. This continuous need of our focused attention, which allows us to cross the street without getting hit by a car, or quickly navigate a large crowd to catch a train, for instance, also fatigues our brain over time.

of cognition, Successful, normal and pathological aging. In this article I will summarize some of the major theoretical and methodological issues in studying adult cognitive development from a lifespan perspective. I will then review the normative cognitive changes that occur across adulthood. Finally, I discuss some issues related to. Adult Cognitive Development: Dynamics in the Developmental Web Kurt W. Fischer Zheng Yan Jeffrey B. Stewart Adulthood normally spans more than 60 years, starting from about age 20, and the cognitive changes during those years are vast.