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12 rows · Mar 28,  · Symptomatic Coxsackie in adults most commonly results in a . May 15,  · Coxsackieviruses are a common cause of infection in adults and children. The spectrum of disease caused by these viruses ranges from very mild to life-threatening. No .

Coxsackie B virus. Feb 03,  · Coxsackievirus in adults: Contagious and incubation period A coxsackievirus infection is contagious, and once caught, it takes an incubation period of approximately one Author: Devon Andre.

Coxsackie Virus in Adults Infection by the coxsackie virus is somewhat uncommon in adults but cannot be ruled out completely. Read on and find out more about how adults can get infected . Coxsackieviruses are RNA viruses that may cause hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), as well as disease of muscles, lungs, and heart. HFMD usually occurs in children but can .