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Aug 22,  · This is an adult community for all Gibbs/DiNozzo fans for the posting of stories, discussion and artwork related to the pairing. Spoiler warnings are required. The main content posted is fanfic. ncis_slash; is a slash-only adult lj community. Unfortunately, it isn't sorted by tags, so reading Gibbs/DiNozzo only requires a lot of skimming. Gibbs Sister|NCIS Fanfiction by 💀Marilyn💀 K 56 21 Rosabeth Ella Gibbs-Jones is Leroy Jethro Gibbs younger half tited.xyz dad is Jackson Gibbs and her mom is Sandra tited.xyz Mom gave Rosabeth .

Ex NCIS agent Stan Burley and several marines are taken hostage in Paraguay. Special Agent Gibbs is as well taken hostage when he had asked to go along with the rescue mission turning out as a trap This story takes place in season 18th It's dark in nature with a mature rating. Immortality Through Death» by Under the Setting Sun Deeks is looking for a way to become human again, after a few millennia of being immortal. Hetty is the woman to give he his chance, but it will cost her everything to give him what he wants. Then again if she give Deeks what he seeks, she will get what she has want for far longer than Deeks wanting to be human again.

An eclectic mix of quality NCIS fanfics that only have one thing in common: The "team is family" dynamic and the individual characters at their best. All pairings and almost all genres. Exceptions: Fics containing graphic descriptions of traumata (rape, torture, etc.) and fics with the only goal of character bashing. An issue was found with a few of the longer stories that were imported between the old system into the new system. Because there was a database column mismatch, items in the old system could hold text up to 16Mb, but in the new system could only hold up to Kb.

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