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Hentai Foundry is an online art gallery for adult oriented art. Despite its name, it is not limited to hentai but also welcomes adult in other styles such as cartoon and realism. Originally on and moved there and soon to AO3. Naruto took matters into his own hands and lead a rescue mission to save the other kunoichi and. The story follows Naruto's point of view but will change to Hinata's point of view when she is having sex with a girl in the harem if Naruto is not there. Hinata has to have sex with Hanabi. Naruto and Hinata can have a three-way with any girls in the harem and they have to have a three-way with Kushina.

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There are many stories where the Kyuubi gives Naruto a gigantic cock, but what if as his initial form of vengeance, things went differently, Naruto grew in body, but has an extremely small penis, far too small to ever pleasure a woman (one or two inches at most when hard). Powered by Invision Community. The Insecure Hero Naruto thought that the war would be the hardest thing to overcome in his life, and then the dark delusions about Hinata and other men started. Watch as the Hero of Konoha struggles to discover what is real, and what is not. Located: Naruto > General.

Naruto discovered a name - her name, her name - in a book, and sparks a change in her attitude to life. She wouldn't be a cry-baby. She would kick ass like Uzumaki Mito and do her clan proud, starting with her poor chakra control - and ending. Naruto comes into the contact with the Kyuubi after a serious beating from the villagers at the age of eight years old and the Kyuubi agrees to become his sensei and help him with training. Wait a minute, Naruto likes to dress up? He gets a harem? Of males? How will all events change the original Naruto storyline? Read and find out. Language.