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Jan 25,  · Type 2 diabetes is also called type 2 diabetes mellitus and adult-onset diabetes. That's because it used to start almost always in middle- and late-adulthood. However, more and more children and teens are developing this condition. Type 2 diabetes is much more common than type 1 diabetes. 76 rows · If treatment is not started early, it is too late to reverse any damage once symptoms become more noticeable. Treatments for Type 2 diabetes include: Metformin. Sulfonylureas. .

Medications for Adult-Onset (Type 2) Diabetes. You can always lower your blood sugar by taking insulin shots. However, if you have the usual kind of adult-onset diabetes, you’re probably . Nov 16,  · The goal of treatment is to prevent or delay complications of diabetes. Complications may include heart or kidney disease. Treatment includes eating healthy foods and being active. You may also need insulin or other medicine .