Fun Size Yasmine 108cm L-Cup Love Doll (Sex Doll, 1am Doll) - adult size female dolls


adult size female dolls - Fun Size Yasmine 108cm L-Cup Love Doll (Sex Doll, 1am Doll)

Oct 02,  · The dolls are made to specification and there are 10 female body types and 16 inter-changeable female faces. They are completely customizable, all the way down to the make up and fingernail colors. You can’t deny the skill involved in creating the /10(30). Synthetic Surrogates are sexual therapy companion dolls for use in therapeutic settings to help resolve sexual issues, increase stamina and sexual self-confidence, provide companionship, engage in fantasy and role play as well as deepen pleasure and intimacy within an individual and relationship.

-EVO skeleton, all piper dolls can squat, shrug shoulders and more flexible than most other sex dolls Height: cm/4 feet 9 inches Material: TPE. Bust Size: 89cm/35 inches K Cup Waist: 45cm/17 inches. Hips: 84cm/33 inches. Weight: 31kg/68 lbs All dolls come with 3 holes (vagina, mouth, anal) Vagina Depth: 17cm/ inches. Never be lonely again. | Adult Life Size Dolls. Welcome to My blog Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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