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Little Annie Fanny as Morticia Addams Minor cartoon nudity ahead - Don't say I didn't tell you. The artwork in Little Annie Fanny is remarkable to look at. Roughed by Kurtzman then finished by Elder, often with help from the likes of Russ Heath, Al Jaffe or several other EC artists. Basically, it was Penthouse's answer to Playboy's Little Annie Fanny. It was written by a respected British journalist and novelist, Frederic Mullaly and illustrated by Ron Embleton, who had done the artwork for the popular UK comic TV Century 21 (which primarily featured comic adaptations of .

In the s Harvey Kurtzman & Will Elder created the ongoing comic strip Little Annie Fanny, a parody of Little Orphan Annie, for Hugh Hefner in Playboy Mag. Annie Fanny, the title character, is a statuesque, buxom young blonde woman who innocently finds herself nude in every episode. The series is notable for its painted, luminous color artwork and for being the first full-scale, multi-page comics feature in a major American publication.

a old butt great comic by the masters HARVEY KURTZMAN and WILL ELDER. The "Little Annie Fanny" series debuted in the October issue of Playboy magazine. The comic was a parody of the Playboy image itself, vaguely based on the "Little Orphan Annie" theme, with lots of topical references and pokes at popular culture.

6 Little Annie Fanny These are original magazine pages - from a vintage (20+ years old) magazine. The illustrations are carefully removed from the magazine. There may be some slight discoloration and wear at the edges (Always look closely at the picture and inspect the edges of the pages carefully.