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Social Services programs are intended to help people to help themselves by temporarily assisting residents in meeting their basic needs, including food, shelter, utilities and medical care and through employment. Additionally, we provide services focused on protecting children, the disabled and the elderly from abuse, neglect and exploitation. Services that help maintain people’s skills and support them in their social participation. Specialized and subspecialty services. Adaptation and rehabilitation services that focus on the development or resumption of people’s lifestyle habits in order to optimize their personal, residential, social, academic and professional autonomy.

The Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS) administers the Social Assistance Program, the Social Solidarity Program and the Aim for employment Program. These programs allow low-income people who meet certain criteria to obtain a certain amount of money (benefit). Providing therapy, after school programs, social groups and winter and summer tited.xyz programs and camps has won readers choice award in for grate service for kids with Autism,ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

Service. Search. Special Needs Camps. Retail store hosts fundraiser to help kids with special needs. The Blue Light Sports Summer Camp, which takes place from July 4 to August 24, offers kids and adults with. Summer Camp: children aged years, located in the Laurentians. Yaldei Plus: weekend and overnight respite program. Parent Support: coaching and group support. To find out which services would help your child, please contact us or request a consultation.

Address: English Montreal School Board Adult Education & Vocational Services Fielding Avenue Room # Montreal H3X 1T4. The A to Z services index is an alphabetical listing of programs and services administered by Service Canada website. You can browse programs and services by title or keyword. For information related to specific departments, consult the list of Departments and Agencies. A. Access to information and privacy; Allowance for the survivor program.