MILF teaches teen how to use a condom - proper use of a condom


proper use of a condom - MILF teaches teen how to use a condom

Sep 13,  · Inside condoms are larger than outside condoms. However, most people can still use them comfortably and effectively. Inside condoms are primarily used for vaginal sex, but they can also be used for. Jul 06,  · How To Put On and Take Off a Male Condom. Carefully open and remove condom from wrapper. Place condom on the head of the erect, hard penis. If uncircumcised, pull back the foreskin first. Pinch air out of the tip of the condom. Unroll condom all the way down the penis.

Use a new condom for every act of vaginal, anal and oral sex throughout the entire sex act (from start to finish). Before any genital contact, put the condom on the tip of the erect penis with the rolled side out. If the condom does not have a reservoir tip, pinch the tip enough to leave a half-inch space for semen to collect.