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the pope condoms - Tana Lea vs The Pope

Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on condoms in a new book-interview have whipped the media into a frenzy. Many reports interpreted the words as a dramatic shift from Church teaching, but experts say. The whole world broke out the champagne the weekend before Thanksgiving when the news came that Pope Benedict XVI had approved the use of condoms in certain circumstances to prevent the.

* Pope says condoms can be used in the fight against Aids Particularly egregious is this statement by William Crawley of the BBC: Pope Benedict appears to have changed the Vatican’s official stance. Pope Benedict suggests that the use of a condom might be a “first step in the direction of a moralization” with the prostitute’s preoccupation with receiving or passing on diseases to his clients.

In the case at hand, the Pope says the use of a condom in a particular case MIGHT be "a first step in the direction of a first assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering an awareness that not everything is allowed ". This is not disputed in the literature. But that’s not what Baetz asked about. Baetz offered a nuanced question, and I think Pope Francis gives a non-answer. The pope concludes by telling us to “do justice.” He doesn’t seem to see condom use as a part of that justice approach, even comparing it to a .

Pope Urges Condom Use for Tea Party, Morning Zoo DJ's, Darren Aronofsky Pope Benedict XVI has further modified his stance on condoms by recommending them in extreme cases. He went on to say "these teabaggers are geisteskrank (insane).". The question, Pope Francis said, seemed too narrow to address such a widespread and complex issue. Condom use in and of itself could never solve the HIV crisis or other problems facing many African.