Horny Facial Expressions - muscles of facial expression and mastication


muscles of facial expression and mastication - Horny Facial Expressions

The Frontalis and Occipital muscles are responsible for the facial expression of surprise and fright Frontalis and the Occipital Muscles The Frontalis and Occipital muscles are part of the epicranius and primarily responsible to create the expressions of surprise and fright by tightening the entire scalp/5(34). derived from 1st branchial arch, mandibular nerve innervation (V3), mandibular division of trigeminal nerve (CN V), ossification occurs around Meckel's cartilage, all 4 muscles of mastication are derived from arch 1 4 True Muscles of Mastication Medial (internal) pterygoid, Lateral (external) pterygoid, Temporalis, Masseter.

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Apr 09,  · Classically the muscles of mastication are Masseter Medial Pterygoid Lateral Pterygoid Temporalis Accessory muscles of mastication Anterior belly of digastric Mylohyoid muscle Geniohyiod muscle Buccinator 6.