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study of breast cancer and microwaves - out of breast 3

A large-scale study of the ultrawideband microwave dielectric properties of normal, benign and malignant breast tissues obtained from cancer surgeries The development of microwave breast cancer detection and treatment techniques has been Cited by: Conventional breast cancer detection techniques including X-ray mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound scanning suffer from shortcomings such as excessive cost, harmful radiation, and inconveniences to the patients. These challenges motivated researchers to investigate alternative methods including the use of microwaves Cited by: 7.

Nov 01,  · Microwave-induced thermoacoustic imaging (MITAI) represents an innovative imaging approach for detection of breast cancer at initial phases by integrating the benefits provided by Cited by: 3. Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation.

Oct 30,  · A novel breast cancer imaging technology that uses microwaves instead of X-rays to detect breast tumors is being developed by researchers at Northwestern University, the University of.