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Trojan Magnum Thin Lubricated Condoms Trojan Magnum Thin condoms are made for those who find average size condoms restrictive or uncomfortable and want something with a little more sensitivity. Trojan Magnum Condoms feature a tapered base for a more secure fit. Thin for extra sensitivity. TROJAN™ ENZ™ Lubricated Condoms. Check out this how-to video from the maker of TROJAN™ Brand Condoms that shows you how to get it on before you "get it on." See All Sexual Health. TrojanCondoms Feb 18 @DAONLY Hey there! You can contact our consumer relations department M-F at from 9am-5pm. Let us.

Jul 01,  · Yes, you can use the condom for the horizontal mambo. Nah, that’s too childish. Yes, you can use the condom for fucking. Perfect!) I grabbed one of the Trojan Mint Tingle Condoms, ripped it open, and shoved it into my mouth, like a piece of gum. It was the second time in my life that I shoved a condom into my mouth and chewed on it. Nov 30,  · Vaginal intercourse: Unlubricated condoms are fine for vaginal tited.xyz with a water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Oral sex: Unlubricated condoms are ideal for use during oral tited.xyz's no lubricant taste to deal with! If you or your partner prefers flavored condoms, you can pair unlubricated condoms with flavored lube.

Deep ribs on the TROJAN™ Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condom are designed to increase stimulation. Deep ribs designed to increase stimulation Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity Special reservoir end for extra safety. Jul 26,  · Trojan ENZ lubricated condoms For a classic, no-frills, lubricated condom, try Trojan ENZ lubricated condoms. The affordable 36 pack is great in .