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Watch Drawing & Erotic Art - 1 - Pics at! Collection of erotic drawings. Beyond its power to titillate, good erotic art can make powerful, sex-positive social look at how the genre has flourished on Instagram: Tons of artists .

Erotic works of art have at times been created with the intent to arouse the viewer, to express the power of the artist or the owner, or to serve as amusements. Many ancient cultures created erotic art, for example, ancient Greeks made vases showing pederastic relationships between adult men and young boys. The sensuous erotic art of pioneering artist Suzanne Ballivet (NSFW) The great Impressionist artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir sanded the corners off his wooden furniture so there could be no sharp edges against which his children could accidentally injure themselves.

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The Finest Erotic Artists You Can Follow On Instagram By: Julieta Sanguino - March 24, Despite its innocent title, Courbet's painting L'Origine du monde (The Origin of the World), changed eroticism, perversion, and everything that had been conceived as art . As the artist progressed, he developed softer, more rounded forms. This suggests that the artist worked on what became the Lascivie over a period of time, and that the project evolved from one-off prints into an open-ended group with a common format. [related-works-module] Henry Fuseli Drawing of an Erotic Scene with Three Women and One Man