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x-men erotic fanfiction - The Erotic Adventures Of Aladdin X - Part 2 (4K Remastered)

FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. K 41 74 Comics» X-Men. A Chilling Challenge by Laid-Back Brit Working solo one cold winter's night, Wolverine is faced with something that he needs to deal with using his claws. Something which is rather unusual for the anti-hero to face, yet he is as confident as ever he can take care of it by. Fandoms: X-Men (Movieverse), Logan , X-Men (Original Timeline Movies), Wolverine (Movies), X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies) Mature Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con.

What if Rogue met Remy when she was a child? While attending Mardi Gras with her parents, 5 year old Marie gets lost. A certain Cajun finds her. This takes place a little after X-Men Origins: Wolverine ends. One shot. Cartoons: X-Men: Evolution fanfiction archive with over 16, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

Takes place within Hickman's X-Men, vol 1 issue 3. Emma and Jean go to Bar Sinister for drinks, and as promised, Emma pays. What should be a few drinks quickly turns into a moment of passion between Jean and Emma in a quite unexpected, yet special, way. Generation Next (X-Men fanfic) by Tori K K 41 Ziva Ner is a mutant trying to live her life under the radar but her simple life is ruined when she's hauled off to Xavier's School for Gifted Children. It takes her on.

Jul 31,  · The Definitive X-Men Erotica Archive, also known as DXEA, was a fanfiction archive in the X-Men fandom that hosted fics of an explicit or adult nature. The DXEA is not an archive for non-sexual X-Men. A/N: Sorry it isn't my best x_x also its so late I'll never forgive myself. But here you are, lovelies She flipped her lustrous blond locks over her purple-clad shoulder, folding her legs into a position that made her skirt rise up a few inches, revealing more of her smoothly tanned legs.