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erotic male prison stories - Prisoner Takes Control Hardcore

Oil wrestling in prison. Nate finds himself in prison with a bunch of hungry sadists. Gay sex in Prison get wet and dirty. Unlikely encounter between a white man and a black guy. Jack's needs protection - and will do anything to get it! and other exciting erotic stories at! James broke down. He let go of his ass and grabbed the bars again, crying openly. His knees felt weak. The reality of the situation hit him - he was going to be this man's prison bitch. He was going to be little more than a prisoner's sex slave until he either got out of prison .

GayDemon's Stories: On this page you can find erotic fiction where you can read about gay sex in prison and jail or men used as prison bitch listed by date. 48 Votes. Prison Gay Sex Stories; Changes to the Duty Roster "Get up. It's your shift. " "Alright," I said, moaning. Waking up at Zero Dark Stupid for radio watch was not much fun. Of course, listening to the teaming rain outside, sentry duty would be worse. I sat up, but still encased in my mummy sleeping bag. military straight men.